How Top Physicians Tackle Tough Times
The healthcare community is currently consumed with the Coronavirus crisis. Healthcare startups and physicians who incorporate and leverage telemedicine in their business and practice are much more likely to survive. The goal is to share my experience as Chief Medical Officer for MDLIVE and Schumacher Clinical Partners, as well as advising dozens of high growth digital health companies in an exclusive webinar.

How I can help

As an entrepreneur, digital health innovator, investor and author on healthcare innovation, I focus on bringing actionable insight to startups and physicians interested in building their businesses. I currently work with healthcare companies and individuals focusing on digital health, telemedicine, and entrepreneurship. I can help you learn how to land a job or grow your practice using telemedicine.

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Entrepreneur, Digital Health Advisor, Investor, Author and Speaker

Dr. Sylvan Waller is an entrepreneur, digital health advisor, investor and author on healthcare innovation. He currently works with startups, physicians, and healthcare companies focusing on technology innovation, telemedicine, and entrepreneurship.


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Justin T. Barnes
Lenovo and HIMSS

Sylvan Waller, MD is one of the best strategists and collaborators in healthcare today. I‘ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Waller through the years to incubate companies, fuel global 300 corporations and launch global health & innovation collaborations. Dr. Waller is one of my most trusted industry peers and thus has been a catalyst leader of the Health Innovation Think Tank since we launched the initiative in 2017. I consistently leverage Dr. Waller for his renown thought leadership and expertise in telehealth and virtual care as well as evolving care strategies and innovation.

Frank Tighe
Startup Advisor and Investor at the Advanced Technology Development Center

Sylvan Waller, MD is one of the most dynamic business leaders that I have had the privilege of working with in my thirty years in healthcare. From his background as a physician, to his work as a successful company Founder and CEO, Dr. Waller has a unique blend of experience and talent that make him one of the world’s top thought leaders in healthcare today.

Duncan Reece
Iora and Mindstrong

Sylvan is an excellent advisor on telehealth operations and technology-enabled services strategy & development. I hired Sylvan to help me build a telehealth operations playbook that could support national scale. This was not a check the box exercise, but a carefully curated set of action plans built to support our specific go-to-market plan and company strategy. He helped facilitate the strategy, structure the plan, align stakeholders inside the organization, and opened his network to drive execution so that we were able to achieve client outcomes cross multiple state lines in a highly regulated environment.

Josh Berman
Jackson Healthcare

There are very few business leaders who understand exceptional physicians. There are also very few exceptional physicians who understand business. Sylvan Waller is the rarest of people who understands both. Wherever medicine and business comes together, Sylvan has been able to use his experience in suits and scrubs to create something that is greater than the sum of the two parts. As an advisor, a CEO, or a board member, Dr. Waller’s potential contributions are essentially unmatched.

Sylvan’s Podcasts

I focus on sharing information about telemedicine, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design for physicians.  Please check out my Podcasts and let me know if you would like to be featured in the future!

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Learn how to land a job or grow your practice using telemedicine.