I speak to companies and to audiences that are capable of achieving a 10X growth factor

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to encourage and equip thousands of physicians at events across the country. Whether you’re a physician, startup, investor, conference or organization, I can help amplify the great work you’re doing.

Dr. Sylvan Waller’s Keynote Topics

Speaking and advising topics for startups, physicians, and investors include:

  • The future of digital health
  • Physicians entrepreneurship
  • How to launch and scale your startup
  • Design Thinking for Physicians
  • The Lean Startup Methodology for healthcare startups
  • Virtual Care Strategy and best practices
  • Lifestyle Design for Physicians
  • Getting started in telemedicine
  • How to build your telemedicine practice
  • Telemedicine market overview and trends
  • Telemedicine Reimbursement and how to get paid
Sylvan Waller, MD is one of the best strategists and collaborators in healthcare today. I‘ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Waller through the years to incubate companies, fuel global 300 corporations and launch global health & innovation collaborations. Dr. Waller is one of my most trusted industry peers and thus has been a catalyst leader of the Health Innovation Think Tank since we launched the initiative in 2017. I consistently leverage Dr. Waller for his renown thought leadership and expertise in telehealth and virtual care as well as evolving care strategies and innovation.
Justin T. Barnes
Healthcare innovation executive
Learn how to land a job or grow your practice using telemedicine.