These 8 Takeaways from #HIThinkTank Are Inspiring Me

By Sylvan Waller | January 7, 2020

One of my favorite parts of working in virtual care is getting together with other healthcare professionals who are trying to change the game.

At the recent HIThinkTank, I joined 50 thought leaders to discuss best practices and strategies for value-based care, connected health, and virtual care. I heard these eight ideas from the group and they’ve been running through my head ever since. They’re all helping to shape the way I think about effective change management when implementing new digital health strategies:

  1. Chronic disease isn’t always painful, so patients often don’t do anything about it (e.g. diabetes).
  2. Value-based care is really about value for the patient, not just the economics.
  3. Physician-led change in healthcare is often more focused on the patient.
  4. Change is 80% process, 20% technology, and 100% culture.
  5. Language is important: words like ‘consumer’ and ‘people’ are more humanizing than ‘patient’ or ‘disease state.’
  6. Innovation isn’t asking people to do more, it’s doing less and getting better results. Innovation allows you to spend more time on the things that matter.
  7. Doing more, being more engaged, is obvious and to be expected — it isn’t innovation.
  8. Consumer-focused innovation (Livongo is one example) isn’t waiting for the system to be fixed, but charging forward and helping consumers today.

I am always excited to meet other physicians who are dedicated to improving the system for the better. For me, the answer lies in thoughtful digital health innovation, specifically virtual care models.

I’m curious to hear which of these ideas other physicians are seeing play out in a clinical setting?

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