How to land a job and grow your practice revenue through telemedicine

I have worked at the intersection of healthcare, innovation, and physician leadership and have brought that expertise to a series of new webinars focused on helping physicians.  My prior work as CMO of MDLIVE, Schumacher Clinical Partners, as well as founding and leading my own consumer focused telemedicine company has allowed me to help hundreds of physicians over the course of my career and now I am bringing that experience to a broader audience.  If you are interested in learning more about how to get into telemedicine, how to work for one of the existing companies, or incorporate telemedicine into your practice, I have been there and can help.  Sign up for the webinar today to receive more information in the next few weeks!

What will you learn?

Like any specialty, you need to know the basics, but also what the experts are doing that allows them to be successful.  In these webinars we will cover the current landscape, how you can benefit from getting involved, as well as case studies of other physicians who have built successful telemedicine practices.

The Why:

  • What is the business or lifestyle problem you are trying to solve?
  • More practice revenue?
  • Increased autonomy and agency as a physician?
  • Increased scheduling or geographic flexibility?

The Who:

  • Who is a good match for telemedicine
  • Overview of telemedicine: Not just what is telemedicine, but what type is right for you?
  • Do you want to work for an existing company, incorporate this into your practice, or build your own telemedicine company to see patients?

The How:

  • What is the expected ROI?
  • What do I need to know about the regulatory environment?
  • How to maximize volume with multiple licenses
  • Medical malpractice
  • Maximizing Contracting including with existing companies and incentives as well as with payers
  • Scheduling and availability

Building your practice takes time and focus. Don’t expect to get there overnight. It requires an entrepreneurial aspect. Get advice from people who have “seen the movie before” and can help you accelerate the growth and avoid common pitfalls. Focus on the “why” so you can get through the hard parts.

Learn how to land a job or grow your practice using telemedicine.